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Can't stop here...this is icon country!

Tomfool Graphics

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A graphics journal!
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Welcome! Affiliates and assorted info
Welcome to tomfool_tomboy an Icon and graphics journal run (and maintained) by chill_shadow. Here you will find LJ icons, Friends only banners, and layouts. Requests are always welcomed.

Tomfool tomboy was EST. 2006. Before then it was going to be a fan community dedicated to Lirin from Saiyuki. But the idea fell through, lost interest in the project and closed the community. In 2006, I reopened Tomfool_Tomboy to use as a graphics journal instead of making another one.

On July 5th 2007, Tomfool Tomboy graphics became Tomfool Graphics. Even if the username remains the same.


If you wish to affiliate, please by all means, post a request here.

Credits and sources:
Style sheet byxplastique

Any icon, layout, and banner posted on tomfool_tomboy are free to use. All I ask is that you follow these simple rules....

+ When you want to take an icon, comment. However if you take it from someone else you don't have to.

+ When you take an icon, credit either chill_shadow or tomfool_tomboy in the comments box like so:

+ No hot linking

+ DO NOT claim anything you take as your own.

+ The icons are free to use on other blog/journal sites as long as you link back.

+ My icons that I make are completely yonkable. so if you see someone else using one of my icons and you really like it...go a head and use it. Just give credit.

+ Textless icons are not bases unless otherwise stated as such.
Thanks for visiting. Feel free to watch the community for updates~!

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